RESET St. Augustine

Reset has been a long time in the making. We saw a gap—a gap filled with future uncertainty, day- by-day frustrations, and systemic struggles. We began discussing ways to tear down barriers, eliminate doubts, and foster opportunities. Redirecting Engagement Strategies Empowering Teens (RESET) was built just for that.

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Our goal is to

Empower Our Youth

Mission statement: As an active group of St. Augustine community members, we strive to empower, educate, and engage teens to develop the necessary skills to be productive citizens.  It is our purpose to assist in building character and commitment, to set high moral examples, and to teach honesty, courtesy, respect, and discipline.

RESET was founded by two educators who saw a need for a formalized, targeted approach to supporting the at-risk youth in the St. Augustine community. 

Specifically RESET is designed to target the youths’ development of necessary skills to achieve increased economic and career success through training, internships, and mentorships. 

RESET is looking to partner with local business to offer training and internships with the possibility of future employment. The overall goal is to build community partners and relationships to provide opportunities for growth.